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6 Signs that He Wants to Break Up with You

Does your boyfriend behave strange in the last time? Look for the ‘break up symptoms’ and find out if there can be done something about.

We all do this – we get to a point of the relationship where we realize that things don’t go well anymore and as we can’t do anything about, we wait for the partner to make the first step to a break up. It’s easier for us to give signals that something is wrong and as you do this, of course, he has also his own ways by which he wants to announce you indirectly that he won’t be there anymore.

1. Of a sudden he’s terribly busy and you aren’t one of his priorities. And it’s not about his over busy job. He just prefers instead of you a video on YouTube, a prolonged discussion on the Messenger, an article from a magazine, all one after another…

2. He doesn’t call you anymore during the day to ask you what you’re doing. You’re the only one who takes the phone and looks for him, while he rejects your call several times because he’s too busy and then he forgets to call back.

3. His friends (and family) are increasingly cold- it is one of the clearest signals that things don’t go well anymore. He discusses with his friends about your relationship and if it’s hard to notice any changes in his attitude, you can search for useful signs in he’s friend’s behavior.

4. He doesn’t respect his promises. You have to pray to him forever to get help with something or solve a problem. He promises you something and changes his mind in the last moment, because of various reasons, which in other circumstances were completely unimportant.

5. He stops speaking about you as a couple when it comes about future. Of a sudden everything that was ‘the next year we’ll go, we’ll do, we’ll have’ becomes ‘I want to go, I want to buy’ and so on. Moreover, he is very unclear regarding any plan that concerns you both, even if it’s about a short time. If you start a discussion something that you’re going to do together, he answers reluctant: ‘we’ll see.’

6. He blames you for everything; he turns your words back and acts crazy. It’s a very coward technique, but you’d be surprised to find out how many men use it. If he doesn’t have enough courage to end up, then he makes the other indirectly to take the final decision. This issue is even more unpleasant as it makes impossible any friendship after the relationship ends. If he starts to forbid you to go out with your friends, if he looks over your shoulder to see who you’re talking with on messenger, if he makes jealousy crises, many small and unjustified reproaches, then it’s better to give up him as quick as you can.

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